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Stage one, as he calls it, takes place inside North Korea, where the suppliers lure women from their homes with promises of a lucrative trip to China.These recruiters—either North Korean nationals or Korean-Chinese, and usually male—typically hang out around urban train stations in the border regions and chat up attractive young women who pass by.Many couples still favor sons, both to carry on the family name and support them in their old age.In rural areas the birth of a son heralds the arrival of an extra farmhand as soon as the boy is old enough to hold a hoe.Convicted of helping illegal migrants, he spent four years in a Chinese prison.His home office now, on a quiet street on suburban Long Island, is a luxurious contrast to the Chinese prison cell he shared with a dozen felons.Steven Kim, an American businessman from Long Island, New York, may be the world’s leading expert on the market for North Korean brides. It wasn’t registered with the Chinese government, as required by law, so it operated underground, billing itself as a cultural association. A decade or so ago he was living in China, overseeing the manufacture of chairs he sold to retail clients in the United States, when he heard about a secret church that catered to the South Korean businessmen who worked in the Shenzhen industrial zone, not far from his apartment.

One Sunday he noticed two shabbily dressed men seated in a corner of the room.

Many of them turned out to be women fleeing from the Chinese men who had purchased them as brides. S.-based nonprofit dedicated to rescuing trafficked women in China.

It’s named after Article 318 of the Chinese criminal code, the law under which Kim was arrested in September 2003 as he led nine North Koreans in a prayer meeting at his apartment.

They spot a pretty young woman and follow her home. “When they see a widow with a beautiful daughter, they say: ‘Why do you leave your daughter like that?

If you send her to China, then she can get money and have an education. ’ They keep talking and gain trust, and then—‘OK,’ the mother says, ‘I trust you.

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But there has been an unwelcome side effect: an unnaturally high male-to-female ratio.